Thursday, February 11, 2010

Video Now available for all to see :)

Thanks to Jen who informed me that my Snowmageddon video was only available to view by invite...consider yourselves invited :) I've got it working now...sorry for my lameness!!


Tuesday, February 9, 2010


We've had a little snow here around Washington DC...maybe you've take a look!

We're getting more today and tomorrow...hoping my shovel and back don't break :)


Friday, January 8, 2010

The winner is...

Number 5...lucky number 5...let's see who was number 5? It was MiMi!!! Congratulations, girl! Email me your address...I'll get this to you! Thanks to everyone who participated!


Seriously, I can't believe that MiMi won!

Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year Giveaway!

Well, I don't want to say that I've made any resolutions, because I haven't! I did decide that January would be the perfect time to start a new thing for me...journaling. I'm not really much of a writer (news flash, right?) and have become so forgetful, more so as my old age kicks in, that I thought maybe journaling would help me with both.

Not that I don't like to write...I do...I'm just not very good at it. I'm hoping that by journaling everyday it will make me more at ease with pen and paper/keyboard and monitor. I also like the idea of chronicling my feelings about my life and where it's going. It's no secret that I have depression and am on medication for it and this will help me keep track of myself.

Meanwhile, if you think you'd like to keep a journal for whatever get healthy program, reasons to be thankful, why I hate my inlaws, a spritual journey you're on...I have an extra one that I'm going to giveaway.

You can enter by leaving a comment. You'll get 2 entries if you link back to this post, just let me know that you linked up. You have until Thursday 10 p.m. EST.

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