Friday, August 29, 2008

There goes my baby!

I haven't been here the last couple days. I've been a quivering, watery, blubbering mess that's been hiding under the covers, now that my 3rd baby is off to kindergarten.

I have to admit, I surprised myself with these emotions. After all, I'd done the kindergarten routine twice before. Jack way back in 2001 and Finn went back in 2004. The big difference was when Jack and Finn went they were in a private school, where I drove them everyday.

We have since decided to pull our kids out of private school (way too expensive, now that we were going to be paying for 3), and go to our local schools. This was after a lot of talk with our kids, the local school staff, and other parents in our neighborhood.

But, I digress...So here I was packing Mr. Dunny off for his 1st day of kindergarten. Super hero backpack, check! New lunchbox, with favorite sandwich, check! Drilled into his head the bus he rides to and fro...even though his brother rides with him, check! Knows our home phone number, check! So we covered everything again, and walked up to the bus stop on this beautiful sunny day! Everyone was so excited. This was going to be a real treat. One no one in our family had done before. This was big, I mean huge. I think it was on par with taking a spaceship to the moon, it was going to be so fun!

We had only waited a few minutes, until the big yellow bus came around the bend. Ohhhh, the excitement was building even more. It was here. At this point I was fine. Nothing to it. I took a picture, and was all ready to wave. But as I watched him disappear into the abyss of the bus aisle, and then saw his little head in the window, just barely above the window line. He had a big smile and was waving furiously, as if I wouldn't see him! The bus doors closed, the blinking flashers stopped and the engine roared to life moving my precious cargo forward.

Oh my word, I couldn't take it. The tear ducts just opened up and started flowing! I was so surprised at myself. Oh, I'm a romantic sure. I cry at commercials, movies, tv shows all that good stuff. But I've never been emotional sending a child off to school. Usually, I'm just happy for them. The great world of learning, independence and socializing...woohoo! But not that day. That day I bawled my eyes out. So here's to you my littlest man going on the biggest journey ever. I love you, and can't wait to hear, everyday, all about it!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Don't miss out...

It's here! It's finally here! The answer to one of my biggest issues. How do I talk on the phone, cuddle a baby, read, eat, play a game, or pet my dog without getting tangled up in a cumbersome blanket?

Answer....The snuggie!!!

Yes, you're days of gettin all caught up inside a blanket are over. Now some genius has invented the snuggie. A blanket with sleeves! It's made of warm soft fleece, and comes in a few different colors.

Yes, I know I was thinking the same thing...isn't this a robe put on backwards? No, No...this is truly different. It's floor length. OK?! FLOOR LENGTH!!! I mean dragging behind you long! That way you're warm "from head to toe".

So, I really felt it my duty to let you all in on this wonderful opportunity. So don't miss out...

Your Welcome!
xoxo ~L

Thursday, August 21, 2008

15 years...

When you get married, you know it's going to last forever, right?! I always thought that. I grew up with that. My husband grew up with it, also. Both our parents are still married. Well, my dad is a widower, but you get the point. They showed us how you get thru it. Stand by each other thru thick and thin. I must admit, this isn't always my strongest trait. Hubby on the other hand, has it in spades! His mantra in life is all about loyalty, and integrity. I have to put them together, as they really are one in the same for him. This is why I love him so.

Can he be a pain? Sure, you bet. Does he get on my nerves...daily? Pretty much. Do I nag him no end? Uh, Huh!!! But, we have that ability to see each other as we are. Flaws, and all. We accept them, cherish them and actually find comfort in them. Why? Because no one is perfect, and if you start thinking you are, watch out you're in trouble.

Lest you think this isn't much of an anniversary, lovey dovey post. Let me tell you all the wonderful things we (more hubby, than I) do for each other.

He does the dishes, and cleans the kitchen every night. I make dinner :)
He reads to the children and has a fun bedtime routine with them. I watch :)
On the due date of our lost pregnancy/baby this year, he wrote me a wrenching heartfelt card (nevermind, that his pain was just as great as mine).
He will give me a "day-off" every once in a while, just cause he knows I need it. I let him :)
Whenever I have a complaint, he listens, accepts, and works on whatever it is I've suggested he work on. I do this a lot :)
He cleans bathrooms, does laundry, knows how the dishwasher works, and won't ever hire a housekeeper...because he's willing to help out :)
He is my pitbull. I am the labrador :)
He is my champion. He is my love. He is my life.
He has had to jump huge hurdles in life, and yet never complains once.
He will surprise me by just offering to do something, or the way he'll respond to a certain situation.

Most important of all...he is funny. I mean really, really funny. He is a big goofball, and is never afraid to make a fool of himself in front of the kids...just to get a laugh. He walks around the house singing his own made up versions of songs, or a clip of some favorite song. The kids have taken to do this as well. It is extremely hilarious!

So honey, I thank you for some of the best and also the hardest times of my life. Fifteen years. I know sometimes I didn't think we'd be here. But always knew we would!

I'll love you forever! You are my soulmate, and one hell of a guy :)

Oh, and by the way...I think this pretty much set the tone :)

xoxo ~L

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Alert...Notice to song of the day listeners.

Lately, I been trying to work out, and become a little healthier. My mother died very early in life due to poor reperatory/circulation problems. Nevermind, she smoked her entire life, and her parents, brother, and sisters all had the same issues. I will actually learn from my parents mistakes. I can't believe I just said I know I'm an adult.

In this quest of better health, I usually find myself very gung-ho at first. Only later to be petered out by a bunch of rationales. You know...Oh, I'll do it tomorrow. I can't overload myself, that's not good either. I've done really well, what's one more day?! Could I be any more pathetic?!

So to keep myself more motivated, I've been listening to a lot of my "old" music, whle working out. I will more than likely be posting a lot of these, as I run across them. Some of these bands you may not have heard of. But I hope you will perhaps learn a new song/band that you may like the sound of, and even look into getting a cd. I learned about these bands back in the 80's mostly, when I dated a guy who listened to "alternative" rock. I think they still use that term...but a lot of those "would be" alternative bands nowadays have made it into good old regular pop music.

Not the best video I've ever seen, but this is a rockin song.

So, let me know if you have a favorite, or if you've found something you liked here, at song of the day.
xoxo ~L

Monday, August 18, 2008

Ahhh....The Good 'Ole County Fair

Ya know, there's nothing we enjoy more, or look forward to more, than our annual county fair! So much to see and do! The sweet soft pink piglets sucking on their momma, who's completely conked out whilst they do this! (Not that I could relate to that). There are the ducklings, all yellow and fuzzy sitting under their heat lamp. Again, not that I would ever do that! Oh and yes, the baby calf who had been born just under 36 hrs. prior to our visit. His little legs were still wobbly, he looked knock knee'd. Somehow this reminded me of my painful, awkward teenage years. I have issues, alright?!

So there we are strolling along, admiring all the other exhibits. There were all the judging categories. Cakes, pies, largest tomato, best watercolor, primitive art, etc.... Then I spied a new exhibit booth. One that was colorful, eclectic, funky and kooky...

Okie dokie!! Evidently in these parts "toilet decorating" is an art form that deserves a blue ribbon at our county fair. Hmmmm...looking forward to next year with much anticipation ;)

xoxo ~L

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Dear Breyers...

Dear Breyers,

I'm writing to let you know that as of tomorrow, or maybe right this minute, I will be calling my broker to buy as many shares of your stock as possible! Obviously, since you've made your packages smaller (1.75 quarts down to 1.50 quarts), your profits will be huge! I know, I know, it's really the fact of the rising cost to transport your yummy ice cream, wink, wink. Also, undoubtedly you didn't want to hit your faithful, loyal, and I suppose generally stupid customers with a price increase. Hence, the brilliant idea to just make a smaller package.

I'm sure as it was discussed in your executive board room, you instinctively knew no one would notice a little bit smaller pakage. But, oh they would notice a price increase. So for obvious reasons, you don't even have to make a "comment" on this latest downsizing, just keeping the one that occured a year ago on your web site. Ingenious!

I will warn you though, that Edy's has caught on to this little gem of an idea as well. So truly I find myself at a quandry as to which company to invest my money in. But again, I say bravo to those of you at the top (who I'm sure are making huge salary sacrifices) just to meet your margins. By putting all these strategies together you're sure to see more and more greenbacks headed your way :)

Let's just hope that Turkey Hill doesn't find out about this! They've made a huge miscalculation on letting their packages stay the same size. So their 1.75 quart packages are going to look awfully funny next to yours. Hahahaha...the jokes on them!

So, thank you, thank you, thank you! Once again big business has come out right where they should be...on top!

xoxo ~L

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Back From Vacation

Well all, I am back! And boy am I honked off!!! First of all the "new foodnetwork star" was such a disapointment! I couldn't believe it. I was explaining to hubby that they had their bases covered, and it really just depended on what kind of show they were looking for.

I thought Lisa and her Beautiful Basicshow was down to earth, and I would definately watch. She had a lot of hidden talents...the girl has got some lungs! But, I came home to catch Bobby Flays The Main Ingredient on lifetime (this show debuted in 1996). Now, I don't think Bobby is the kind of guy who feels threatened in his greatness, but maybe, just maybe, he thought Lisa was doing a take off of his show?!

Well, for whatever reason, I guess I have to say congratulations to Aaron McCargo Jr. I hope you become the star you worked so hard to become :)

xoxo ~L
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