Friday, August 29, 2008

There goes my baby!

I haven't been here the last couple days. I've been a quivering, watery, blubbering mess that's been hiding under the covers, now that my 3rd baby is off to kindergarten.

I have to admit, I surprised myself with these emotions. After all, I'd done the kindergarten routine twice before. Jack way back in 2001 and Finn went back in 2004. The big difference was when Jack and Finn went they were in a private school, where I drove them everyday.

We have since decided to pull our kids out of private school (way too expensive, now that we were going to be paying for 3), and go to our local schools. This was after a lot of talk with our kids, the local school staff, and other parents in our neighborhood.

But, I digress...So here I was packing Mr. Dunny off for his 1st day of kindergarten. Super hero backpack, check! New lunchbox, with favorite sandwich, check! Drilled into his head the bus he rides to and fro...even though his brother rides with him, check! Knows our home phone number, check! So we covered everything again, and walked up to the bus stop on this beautiful sunny day! Everyone was so excited. This was going to be a real treat. One no one in our family had done before. This was big, I mean huge. I think it was on par with taking a spaceship to the moon, it was going to be so fun!

We had only waited a few minutes, until the big yellow bus came around the bend. Ohhhh, the excitement was building even more. It was here. At this point I was fine. Nothing to it. I took a picture, and was all ready to wave. But as I watched him disappear into the abyss of the bus aisle, and then saw his little head in the window, just barely above the window line. He had a big smile and was waving furiously, as if I wouldn't see him! The bus doors closed, the blinking flashers stopped and the engine roared to life moving my precious cargo forward.

Oh my word, I couldn't take it. The tear ducts just opened up and started flowing! I was so surprised at myself. Oh, I'm a romantic sure. I cry at commercials, movies, tv shows all that good stuff. But I've never been emotional sending a child off to school. Usually, I'm just happy for them. The great world of learning, independence and socializing...woohoo! But not that day. That day I bawled my eyes out. So here's to you my littlest man going on the biggest journey ever. I love you, and can't wait to hear, everyday, all about it!

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Sugarplum Creations Blog said...

Hi Lisa!! Long time no chat!!!
I'm getting teary reading your post. You guys are adorable!!!


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