Thursday, August 21, 2008

15 years...

When you get married, you know it's going to last forever, right?! I always thought that. I grew up with that. My husband grew up with it, also. Both our parents are still married. Well, my dad is a widower, but you get the point. They showed us how you get thru it. Stand by each other thru thick and thin. I must admit, this isn't always my strongest trait. Hubby on the other hand, has it in spades! His mantra in life is all about loyalty, and integrity. I have to put them together, as they really are one in the same for him. This is why I love him so.

Can he be a pain? Sure, you bet. Does he get on my nerves...daily? Pretty much. Do I nag him no end? Uh, Huh!!! But, we have that ability to see each other as we are. Flaws, and all. We accept them, cherish them and actually find comfort in them. Why? Because no one is perfect, and if you start thinking you are, watch out you're in trouble.

Lest you think this isn't much of an anniversary, lovey dovey post. Let me tell you all the wonderful things we (more hubby, than I) do for each other.

He does the dishes, and cleans the kitchen every night. I make dinner :)
He reads to the children and has a fun bedtime routine with them. I watch :)
On the due date of our lost pregnancy/baby this year, he wrote me a wrenching heartfelt card (nevermind, that his pain was just as great as mine).
He will give me a "day-off" every once in a while, just cause he knows I need it. I let him :)
Whenever I have a complaint, he listens, accepts, and works on whatever it is I've suggested he work on. I do this a lot :)
He cleans bathrooms, does laundry, knows how the dishwasher works, and won't ever hire a housekeeper...because he's willing to help out :)
He is my pitbull. I am the labrador :)
He is my champion. He is my love. He is my life.
He has had to jump huge hurdles in life, and yet never complains once.
He will surprise me by just offering to do something, or the way he'll respond to a certain situation.

Most important of all...he is funny. I mean really, really funny. He is a big goofball, and is never afraid to make a fool of himself in front of the kids...just to get a laugh. He walks around the house singing his own made up versions of songs, or a clip of some favorite song. The kids have taken to do this as well. It is extremely hilarious!

So honey, I thank you for some of the best and also the hardest times of my life. Fifteen years. I know sometimes I didn't think we'd be here. But always knew we would!

I'll love you forever! You are my soulmate, and one hell of a guy :)

Oh, and by the way...I think this pretty much set the tone :)

xoxo ~L

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