Sunday, March 29, 2009

It's Sabotage

Why, why, why? Why do I do this to myself?

For those of you following along on my get healthy challenge you know that I just broke a plateau that I've had for awhile now. So what do I do to keep it up...I sabotage myself. You should know that I have this horrible habit of thinking that once I accomplish something I will easily be able to do it again.

So this is how I've gotten to the point of gaining back, in only 4 days, my weight that I lost last week. I'd like to say some of it is water weight {feeling a little crampy this week...wink, wink}. But what I really know is that I've been eating crap. Yes, extra calories. Popcorn with real butter {ouch...that's a biggie}, caramels {remember these}, ice cream, brownies {my wifely duty} and whatever else strikes me.

So today I am putting my failure out there to remind myself to be good. I can't eat crap AND lose weight. Today I am vowing to be good {nevermind that it's donut Sunday at my house}. I will not eat a donut! I will not eat a donut! I will not eat a donut!

On the plus side {no pun intended}, I have followed my workout schedule to the letter, so at least I feel good about that.

Here's to hoping that Wednesday's weigh in won't be as bad as I think it's going to be :)

P.S. After re-reading this post I realize it seems like we eat a lot of junk food. Seriously, we don't. The Sunday donuts are just a tradition. Although, I can't speak for my husband, who can still eat whatever he likes. It's like he's still a teenager...doesn't that suck!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Extreme Makeover - Week 1 update

Hallelujiah!!! Oops, not supposed to say that during Lent, but I really can't help myself. I have broken my plateau!!! I have you all to thank! Just getting a new wind in my sails, and following along with all you ladies that are on this personal health journey have done wonders for me. This is when I pray that I don't gain it back and my 1.4 lb. loss isn't some weird fluke, but the result of stepping up my cardio. I've just been jogging and walking on the treadmill. Waiting for some real spring weather to get outside to do it.

I've been really watching what I eat. I do keep a food journal, but alow myself pizza and a couple cookies on the weekend. I find this the best time to have a "cheat" meal, since I have 3 days to "work it all off" ;0

Hopefully you all had a great week!!

Favorite low calorie snack food is pretzels right now. That's for when I need something salty. For my sweet tooth {which I seem to have all the time} I love the fiber one chocolate and oat bars. Only 140 cals and 2 points I believe because they are high in fiber. It's the best replacement for a candy bar IMO.

Monday, March 23, 2009

The braces came off....TA DA


Now we just wear our retainer...forever. Seriously...that's what he said. I never had braces, but can assure you that hubby doesn't wear his retainer anymore ;)

P.S. Only 3 more to go. Finn get his spacers in a couple weeks. Wears them for a year...then the braces go on...for 2 1/2 years.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Hello Cupcake!

What the H*%@!!! What have I been doing, that I totally forgot to post about sweet Kell's birthday. Uh. It. Was. February 24th. O.K. flog me with a noodle. Take away my sewing supplies. Make me watch Barney 100 times in a row. Anything to ease the guilt.

At least I had planned for her birthday properly. After all, this is my little girl. Only girlie things will do. And I'm pleased to announce she has kept her end of the bargain by being in love with ponies {for now}. All things horsie, pony, my little pony and or "honeypie" {from Strawberry Shortcake} related are number one in her book.

So I promptly scoured Amazon for the perfect cupcake book and this is what I found. It is worth it!!! You will be so glad you did. I can't tell you how amazing this book is and how impressed all your friends will be when you start whipping some of these out.

Anyhoo...they do have pony cupcakes in there. Now, I have to say that one of the items called for in the book is a white circus peanut. You know those ugly, weird I don't even want to know how they get them that color, orange peanut shaped hard marshmallow thingies. Those are used as the pony heads. Well I wasn't making orange ponies, I believe we're entering the age when nightmares could start. So just try and find a white one, I dare you. Oh, I found them somewhere as a "rainbow mix" Good golly, they come in a rainbow of colors.

So I started thinking...what else could I use? What, what, what???!!! It hit me...caramels!!! Sometimes I'm so clever, I scare myself. {Not really, but it would be nice if it were to happen once, just once}.

So this is what I made:

I think they turned out awesome!! The necks were chocolate sugar wafers and the tails were little pieces of pretzel {sawed off with a serrated knife...per the book}. Little pointy icing ears and long icing manes. Of course they were of the palomino variety as well. Can't wait for Dunn's birthday {5/21}. I'm thinkingof doing the shark cupcakes...just in time for summer ;)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I've gone even more public!

Well thank goodness Amber's done it! Lord knows I wasn't going to. This is about as public as I get with my healthy challenge for myself. This came along just at the right time. I am still not losing any weight. I've hit the mother of all plateaus. Dontcha just hate that! Well hopefully the motivation to be with other women in trying to get healthier is going to be just the kick in the pants that I need.

So thank you Amber. Thanks for going where I wasn't going to go...but knew I should :)

It's on like Donkey Kong!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Seriously, nothing new

Uh. Yeah. Nothing new to report. I'm feeling a little down about the whole darn thing. my weight is actually at a good place for my height. It's just that I'm so flabby. The bra spillage, jiggling thighs, puffy tummy...all of it. Yuck!

So, now that my monthly friend is visiting, I'm just going to go with my chocolate cravings and work extra hard next week! Am I wrong? No, don't answer that. Myabe I'll go with these yummy little guys :)
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