Thursday, January 15, 2009

Just a little body fat percentage, fyi

Just so you know what I'm up against. My husband who is the same age as me {43}, eats a bowl full of brownie {I make this for him every week} and icecream EVERY night {Really. Truly. Really. I wish I were exagerrating} and does not excercise. But does have a ton of energy {think bunny} and does do 50 sit-ups and push-ups every day {just to stay in shape}. This man, this wonderful hunk of a man has 13% body fat. Seriously, this puts him in the category of Olympic Runner, I believe.

I ask you, how do I deal with that? Hmmmmm.....

*the caveat to this is that he's got the body of a cosmo guy. Seriously, I've looked!

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