Monday, January 12, 2009

Time to get Healthy

First off, let's get something straight. This is not my weight, this is just the picture off the box. Thank you for your attention.

If you've been reading along you will remember that I had those resolutions for the New Year. Having always had difficulty staying motivated, at least when it comes to exerting some kind of energy, I bought this scale to keep me going.

I admit I was nervous to see all the calculations this fantastic, futuristic wizard of a scale was going to show me.

Do I really want to know my body fat percentage*?....uh, no, not really. Mine is starting out at 26%...WHOA. Does that really mean that a quarter of my body weight is fat?!?! Seriously? Feel free to run screaming from the room now, I totally understand.

My hydration level? {diet coke addict, here}. That number is around 55%. I think that's ok.

My bmi...uh, well, ummmm, 22. That's on the verge of overweight. Technically it's in the normal range, but it's right on the edge.

So this is where I'm starting. My goal is to get my body fat down to 20%. I don't know how many pounds this will equate to. Evidently the real measure of healthy weight is all about body fat. Damn, does it really have to be? Because I'm thinking to get all this fat off my body is going to be a lot of work over a long period of time. Will I look better in time for the dreaded swim suit season, a.k.a. summer? Is this going to even be possible? I know this, I'm going to do my best. I've started using the treadmill again, and will eventually work my way up to running. I am determined to do it.

My mother died at 62 from cardiovascular problems. Her father had his leg amputated for the same reasons. Let's just say, I view this as life and death. Not that I worry I'll die anytime soon, my lifestyle isn't quite like my mothers was. I quit smoking 15 years ago, I have normal blood pressure and cholesterol. But I did develop gestational diabetes with 2 pregnancies {one brother is a diabetic} and all these things add up to genetics. So I'll be doing my best to keep this heart healthy!

I don't mind working hard, it makes me feel good. Working out, that is. It's not supposed to be easy. Or else everyone would have the perfect body shape and size {for them}.

I'll be posting regularly on my progress {just another way to keep me motivated}.

xoxo ~onegirliegirl

*I'd like to say that judging from the huge jiggly area in my mid-section and backside {sorry too much info} that I do not consider myself in the "healthy" range for bodyfat.

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