Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Update on Healthy lifestyle challenge

Well now that it's been a couple of weeks, I can tell you that I've lost a few #'s and lowered my body fat to 24%. Disclaimer: results not typical. My understanding is you don't generally lose 1% body fat per week. So we will see what this week brings. Not to mention that it should be that time of the month soon. Uck!!

Can I just tell you how sore my ass is?! Lunges and squats...whoa!! You don't really realize how little you use some muscles until you actually start working them.

My cardio has been HIIT {High Intensity Interval Training} for about 30 mins. a day {6x a week}. For those that think that is extreme for a beginner, I do it often so I will stick with it. Otherwise a day off turns into a week off, then a month off, then I stop altogether.

Weight training with dumbells 3x a week. I want to build up my lean muscle and burn the fat baby!! Will keep updating {when I only have good news ;)}

xoxo ~ Onegirliegirl

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Unknown said...

Wow, reading your progress really motivates me to get back on track. I sort of fell off the wagon, or should I say eliptical this week. Haven't managed a single day so far.

Unknown said...

I love hearing my little one call me mommy, lately she's been calling me mom. I'm like, "Oh no, it's way to early to begin that!"

Unknown said...

This does look yummy, is the dressing sour cream and milk? Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your sweet comment about my pillow and for beging a follower of my blog. I really appreciate it.

Sugarplum Creations Blog said...

Congratulations on your achievements, girl! I need to get movin' around here. After two weeks on hospital bed rest, and four weeks with a preemie/newborn, I haven't gotten a lot of exercise in!!! Thanks for the motivation :)

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