Sunday, August 30, 2009

John Kennedy had it...

Sooooo, I'm taking Callahan to the vet for his rabies shot when an older lady walks in with her 2 basset hounds. One of whom promptly climbs up onto Kelly (uh, she's 3) who's just sitting on the waiting bench, and the lady sits next to Kelly saying nothing to her dog. Her dog with the big paws. Her dog who is extremely friendly, but has put his front paws on Kell.
WTF?! I would never ever let me dog get up on someone, much less a small child. Even if that child seems comfortable around dogs. So I put my arm around Kelly while saying it's okay honey the dog isn't trying to hurt you, he just wants to say hello.

Well, since I left my brick at home and couldn't drop it on this woman. I promptly showed her how my dog was made to sit...when the next person came in. Clearly saying by example..."I have a puppy and even HE doesn't just climb and jump all over people. "

Next the basset hound lady starts telling me all about her dogs:

BHL: "Poor Duchess she has to come every month for her shot"

Me: "Oh?! What does she get a shot for?"

BHL: "She has Addison's Disease"

Me: "I'm not familiar with that. What is it?"
BHL: "John Kennedy* had it"

Crickets Chirping

Yup, still chirping and now she notices the {still} confused look on my face.

Me: "Uhhhhhhh....."

BHL: "It's an adrenal problem. She gets a steroid for it."

Me: "Whatever."

Okay, so I didn't say whatever. But I really really wanted to.

*When did the answer of John Kennedy {the President, not JohnJohn} had it, actually tell someone anything about anything? Holy shit!! Was this really meant to explain what the disease is? Does this woman think everyone in America knows every detail of every Kennedy that ever existed. Not to mention the man was killed right after I was born. Do I look old enough to even have a fascination with John Kennedy and the fact that he had Addison's disease?!

Google Addison's disease. Go on, I'll wait. No, nevermind, I'll just tell you. John Kennedy isn't even mentioned. Now if you Google "John Kennedy Addison's disease", sure you'll pick up some stuff on him.

So this lady just really irked me with her ill behaved canine's and then the whole Kennedy thing. Sheesh.

Sometimes I really can't stand being friendly. Somedays I'd really like to be Sophia from The Golden Girls. Then I would've just said something like. "Hey're obnoxious dog is crawling all over my kid. You don't see me letting my kid crawl and slober all over you?! Oh, and how the hell am I supposed to know anything about Addison's disease just because John Kennedy had it!"


Friday, August 28, 2009

It's a Boy!!

Our family has missed our best friend since March of 2003. He was an American Black Lab, named Fletch. Yes..after the movie :) We had him for almost 10 years until he got cancer and left us for doggie heaven. Everytime we thought about getting a new puppy...I had a baby. Well, now Kelly is 3 1/2 and we thought maybe it's time for a new puppy. Well...
Meet Callahan

The newest member of our family.

Good thing puppies aren't any work. Good thing school isn't starting in just a few days and summer assignments aren't finished. Good thing puppies come all housebroken. Good thing this little fluffy ball of furious fur is so damn cute!! Good thing I already have "keep your sanity" medication. This could've put me over the edge.


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Who Me?!

My new BFF (bloggy friend forever) MiMi from Living in France has bestowed this adorable award on me, because she thinks I'm adorable.

I'm overcome with gratitude. Thank you! It's not enough. Not nearly enough for me to say, but, it's all I can muster. I'm just so verklempt. I know, that shouldn't get in the way of my thankfulness, but it has. I just love the bloggy world. Especially MiMi. She is just soooo funny. She thinks exactly like I do. If you aren't already a fan, please check her out. I promise you will not be dissapointed.

I am sending this to these fab 5:


I also have her button on the side, so you can click that as well :)

Friday, August 21, 2009

To the one I Love!

Married: 16 years

Children: 4

Daddy's girl: 1

Family: Priceless

For my funny, sweet, maddening, loveable, crazy hubby!

Happy Anniversary...I Love You!

Song of the day is dedicated to you!


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Read with Girlfriends

Well bless my soul...I'm the featured "Interview with a girlfriend" over at Read With Girlfriends

Please stop by so you can see what the latest book is that we're reading, join in on some giveaways, and get to know a lot of really great gals. Including me :)

I'd also like to take the time to mention that I am not really trying to flash anyone, as my picture may suggest. First, there's nothing to flash, but I'm a bit embarrassed by this photo. Do halter tops always make me look this way? I need to re-evaluate my summer wardrobe. At the very least, what I'm wearing out in public. Not to mention this was my son's 6th birthday party. YIKES!

Anyway, as the picture taker of the family {I know all you moms are in the same boat}, this was seriously the most recent picture of me in years. Literally! I could have sent in the one of me wearing Kelly on my back as a baby...uh, that was 3 years ago. Yeah. Uh, huh! That's what my choices were. So you got sleazy, slutty, sexy Lisa. Enjoy!



Monday, August 17, 2009

Dear Breyers...

From the archives of last summer with an update posted at the bottom

Dear Breyers,

I'm writing to let you know that as of tomorrow, or maybe right this minute, I will be calling my broker to buy as many shares of your stock as possible! Obviously, since you've made your packages smaller (1.75 quarts down to 1.50 quarts), your profits will be huge! I know, I know, it's really the fact of the rising cost to transport your yummy ice cream, wink, wink. Also, undoubtedly you didn't want to hit your faithful, loyal, and I suppose generally stupid customers with a price increase. Hence, the brilliant idea to just make a smaller package.

I'm sure as it was discussed in your executive board room, you instinctively knew no one would notice a little bit smaller pakage. But, oh they would notice a price increase. So for obvious reasons, you don't even have to make a "comment" on this latest downsizing, just keeping the one that occured a year ago on your web site. Ingenious!

I will warn you though, that Edy's has caught on to this little gem of an idea as well. So truly I find myself at a quandry as to which company to invest my money in. But again, I say bravo to those of you at the top (who I'm sure are making huge salary sacrifices) just to meet your margins. By putting all these strategies together you're sure to see more and more greenbacks headed your way :)

Let's just hope that Turkey Hill doesn't find out about this! They've made a huge miscalculation on letting their packages stay the same size. So their 1.75 quart packages are going to look awfully funny next to yours. Hahahaha...the jokes on them!

So, thank you, thank you, thank you! Once again big business has come out right where they should be...on top!

xoxo ~L

Update: Sadly Turkey hill did catch on to this. Well, we're all on even footing once again.


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

What would I do without him?

I just have to husband is an idiot!

I mean, I love him, but really...

He's taking the kids to the pool...bonus...pledging my undying love here

After, I get the kids in their suits, sunscreen and put Kell's hair up so it isn't all straggly and in her face when wet.

He comes inside holding her ponytail holders {as if he's saved me some big embarrasment} and tells me, and I am quoting..."Here!!! I got these out of Kelly's hair so they don't get ruined!!"

What The F*ck?!

Is he kidding? They're ponytail holders. They're the terry, baby ponytail holders. They had no decoration on them...they were plain.


Monday, August 3, 2009


I'd like to know if there's actually anyone out there who hasn't heard of Viagara?

Seriously! Because I'm wondering why on earth they feel it necessary to show their ads during a sporting event in the middle of the day. Now I realize this is probably who their target is...but, does it occur to any of these brilliant minds that children are also kinda into sports?! Huh?! I mean I'd love to be able to watch something that isn't violent and appeals to all my kids that doesn't show my grandparents dancing around in the kitchen and then move into the bedroom.

Then it's the voice. You know...THE VOICE...talking about erections lasting more than 4 hrs, check to see if your healthy enough for sex. Um, correct me if I'm wrong but shouldn't the powers that be count this as "content" during regular broadcasting?! Are these words really allowed?!

Well, that's just one thing that's wrong with Television...don't get me started on the rest!!


Sunday, August 2, 2009

We now...

Resume our regularly scheduled broadcast :)
Missed you all!! Will be posting a little more now that we are back!


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