Thursday, February 26, 2009

Healthy update...again.

Basically my update is nothing. I've gotten nowhere this month. Am I still working out? YES! Am I still watching what I eat? YES! I think my body quickly adapted to my "new" program. So the next few weeks I will try to mix it up a little bit. Will continue to update when I start making progress again.

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Unknown said...

I hear ya' I feel like I haven't gone too far this month either. On top of that my eating habits have been stink-o and my blood sugar levels high - did I tell you before I'm diabetic so that kinda thing matters? Then I fell down the stairs and can't exercise until I feel 100%. Now I think I'm getting sick. It's been a bad healthy habits month for me for sure. Shockingly I have managed to make my prepreggers weight.

Sugarplum Creations Blog said...

I'm with ya, Lisa. Trying not to worry too much about it at this point, as it has only been 5 weeks since Miss Kam was born. But there are those panicky moments, "What if I never lose the weight?!". I'll just have to put forth a little more effort, huh? I'm here for ya! :)

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