Monday, August 18, 2008

Ahhh....The Good 'Ole County Fair

Ya know, there's nothing we enjoy more, or look forward to more, than our annual county fair! So much to see and do! The sweet soft pink piglets sucking on their momma, who's completely conked out whilst they do this! (Not that I could relate to that). There are the ducklings, all yellow and fuzzy sitting under their heat lamp. Again, not that I would ever do that! Oh and yes, the baby calf who had been born just under 36 hrs. prior to our visit. His little legs were still wobbly, he looked knock knee'd. Somehow this reminded me of my painful, awkward teenage years. I have issues, alright?!

So there we are strolling along, admiring all the other exhibits. There were all the judging categories. Cakes, pies, largest tomato, best watercolor, primitive art, etc.... Then I spied a new exhibit booth. One that was colorful, eclectic, funky and kooky...

Okie dokie!! Evidently in these parts "toilet decorating" is an art form that deserves a blue ribbon at our county fair. Hmmmm...looking forward to next year with much anticipation ;)

xoxo ~L

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