Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Alert...Notice to song of the day listeners.

Lately, I been trying to work out, and become a little healthier. My mother died very early in life due to poor reperatory/circulation problems. Nevermind, she smoked her entire life, and her parents, brother, and sisters all had the same issues. I will actually learn from my parents mistakes. I can't believe I just said I know I'm an adult.

In this quest of better health, I usually find myself very gung-ho at first. Only later to be petered out by a bunch of rationales. You know...Oh, I'll do it tomorrow. I can't overload myself, that's not good either. I've done really well, what's one more day?! Could I be any more pathetic?!

So to keep myself more motivated, I've been listening to a lot of my "old" music, whle working out. I will more than likely be posting a lot of these, as I run across them. Some of these bands you may not have heard of. But I hope you will perhaps learn a new song/band that you may like the sound of, and even look into getting a cd. I learned about these bands back in the 80's mostly, when I dated a guy who listened to "alternative" rock. I think they still use that term...but a lot of those "would be" alternative bands nowadays have made it into good old regular pop music.

Not the best video I've ever seen, but this is a rockin song.

So, let me know if you have a favorite, or if you've found something you liked here, at song of the day.
xoxo ~L

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