Thursday, September 4, 2008


Wondering if it's worth the money? Oh yeah, baby, it's worth it! I can not stand the fact that whenever I make a cake the center rises up and I'm forced to either pretend I'm a professional cake decorator and cut the "top" off horizontally. Or decorate my cake as a dome. I'm pretty much screwed with either option.

So when I saw these in the store, and I have seen them for awhile, I figured why not! I had a couple family birthday's coming up. Besides $8 didn't seem like too much to part with for a magic trick.

Please note the overall flatness of this cake. Oh, and the creamy frosting center...mmmm! Anyway, it worked! Inside the box, are 2 strips of a padded silver fabric. Think oven mitt. You soak them in water, ring out the excess, and pin them (similar to floral pins) around your cake pan. The beauty is you can use them on a 9x13 pan also. Just pin the strips together. Then cook as normal, and watch the magic begin :)

I'm no science whiz, so I don't even pretend to know why they work, just that they do! So feel free to use them. They are not a hoax.

No, I do not moonlight as a cake decorator. This is just a new obsession for me. Need that like a hole in the head:)

xoxo ~L

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