Monday, September 8, 2008

Sweet, sweet baby girls

Hi folks, Kelly here. Mom seems to be up to her eyeballs with homework, cooking, cleaning and trying to keep her sanity. Somehow she seems to think we all have a hearing problem.

Well, at least the boys do...not me :) I'm an angel, sent from up above! I never get into trouble or mischief! For those of you not aquainted with the lovely sweet nature of a baby girl, let me fill you in. We only shriek when we need something. We only throw a hissy fit when we need something. We only take all our clothes and diaper off (like Houdini) and run around naked when we feel like it. And can I just tell you how much FUN it is! I mean really...the birthday suit is just so freeing! I love to run and laugh and giggle while my mom pulls out her hair. Don't worry though, those spots are starting to grow back in:)

No, if you haven't had a sweet little girl baby in your casa, I suggest you beg, borrow or steal to get one of us! Well, not the steal part.

xoxo ~Kelly

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