Thursday, June 18, 2009

You can't handle the truth!

So there I was doing my regular grocery shopping and it's time to check out. I snag a spot in a line with my usual cashier who has just finished ringing up all the items for the lady in front of me! Bonus! She's done and will be paid up by the time I get all my stuff loaded on the belt.

Uh, no! Here come the coupons. I don't mean a few coupons. I mean handfuls of coupons. Don't get me me some great coupons! Especially since it was triple coupon day!! Oh, Yeah!!

When I stopped and realized what I was actually witnessing, it was really quite spectacular. This nice young lady with her 2 toddlers had all her coupons organized.

This is what she bought:

16 bottles worcestershire sauce {16 individual coupons}
4 bottle French's mustard {4 individual coupons}
4 boxes powdered sugar {4 individual coupons}
20 100-calorie pack box snacks {20 individual coupons}
8 bars soap {8 individual coupons}
4 dishwashing liquids {4 individual coupons}
8 things of toilet paper {8 individual coupons}
and some other things that I just can't remember, but you get the idea.

I got to see her receipt. The cashier showed it to me, because I was in such awe, and I always shop with this particular cashier, if I can get her. She even said to me when I asked if I could see it "I want you to see what she does". The whole time she was ringing up the coupons, the cashier kept saying, "I think we're going to actually owe you money, this time".

The lady paid $7.42 , she saved $103.27

Uh, yeah!!!

So I stood there in awe, watching and talking to her. I can't fathom how much work goes into collecting the coupons, scouring the grocery store adds, finding which stores are offering the best deals, storing all the items that she bought and having 2 kids with me while I shop :)

So even though she saved herself all this money. I ask you, Do you think it's worth it? I mean where's the actual food? No produce. No dairy. No meat. No pasta. No frozen food. This is someone I would catagorize as a "professional shopper". Someone who shops "to save". I love saving. Really, I do. But, uh, 16 bottles of worcestershire sauce?! Is that for marinade?


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Amber Filkins said...

What, why are there 2 comment boxes?? And why did it not post the long comment I just left? Weird!! Well, I left you a comment. Let's see if this one goes through.

Amber Filkins said...

Okay, my other comment said, who really needs 16 bottles worcestershire sauce?? I have ONE bottle that I've had for TWO years!

It is amazing how much you get get for so cheap though.

Back in the day with double and triple coupons, my mom used to do that all the time and got TONS of stuff. It was so fun when she came home from the store!

Sugarplum Creations Blog said...

Yeah, I'm going to have to agree with you on this one. While I think it's wonderful to clip coupons and look for the best deal ~ even if that means going to store after store after store (I, personally, won't do that, but I admire those who do). BUT, sometimes I wonder about the value. Great if she will really use all those bottles of mustard and worcestershire sauce before the expiration date, not so great if she won't. It's only a good deal, if you truly will use it, right?

Macey said...

I never understand that either! I've never come across a spectacular sight quite like that, but I have seen some pretty amazing shoppers. They get the good deals on stuff they can store or have as a staple. But where's the FOOD? I don't get the worcestershire thing either. Mine is so old, I should probably get a new one!
Sheesh. The best deal I ever got? Two hillshire farms smoked sausage thingies for 1.50. And they were gonna be dinner. And that's it! : /

Jen said...

The day I got behind 2 women team shopping and having the cashier price-match other store's ads was the day I almost lost it. I never clip coupons because they are always for things I would never/rarely buy otherwise! Although I could see buying everything but the mustard and worc. sauce.

Vivienne @ the V Spot said...

No, I don't know what she's doing with 16 bottles of Worsblahblahblah. Maybe if she got them for free (which it sounds like) she gives them away to friends or family. Donates them somewhere, who knows.
A few weeks ago I bought more Kraft Mayo than my family could eat in a lifetime b/c with coupons and the sale it came to 8 cents a bottle. (I gave some away.) Also, with coupons I bought the pre-shredded Kraft cheeses in the bags for like 30 cents. For good cheese!
I think coupons are totally worth it and there are blogs dedicated to spreading the word. "Stretching A Buck" is fantastic and "Steals And Deals" is good for regular shopping.
I have 4 boys. What I don't have to pay for snacks, cereals, toilet paper, laundry detergent, etc... goes into milk, meat and produce.

In this economy especially, every little bit helps. We say that my husband's job is to earn the money and mine is to stretch it as far as it can go. So ya. Coupons are good.

Christie in Dallas, TX said...

This made me laugh hysterically for some reason! I'm with you -- who needs all that stuff? She must have so much more storage space than I do! WOW! I have never had luck matching up grocery store coupons with what I'm actually going to buy, so i don't take the time anymore. I do, however, always do a quick search the internet before I buy something on-line to see if there are any promotions/discounts. It's amazing how many "free shipping" discounts or "first time buyer" discounts are out on-line!

~~Mel~~ said...

If I didn't have to work fulltime I might have time for coupon cutting and organizing...but again is it really worth it? I can't see what the heck I'd do with 16 bottles of worcestshire sauce lol.

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