Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Happy Birthday to my Firstborn

Wow, twelve years goes by fast. But I remember your story like it was yesterday!

We had tried for years, and years to have a baby. We'd seen a specialist...the best in the area, and had tried a very expensive medicine to help me et pregnant. We could only afford one cycle, and during that cycle, my egg just disappeared one day. The nurse said sometimes that happens, and we could try again next time. I let her know we would get back in touch when we could afford it. After a few months, hubby was going to get a big commission check, so I called the nurse to say we would be able to do a treatment the next month. Of course, I hadn't had a period since the last time I'd seen her. This wasn't unusual for me, and there is a medicine, that can induce your period. She told me, by law you must have a blood pregnancy test before the prescription can be filled. So at lunch I went in for blood work. Later as I was getting ready to leave my office for the day, the nurse called. I was expecting her call, and would let her know which pharmacy she could send the Rx to. Imagine my surprise when she says "Lisa, you're pregnant." I didn't actually believer her! I said it's me Lisa S****." She said "Lisa, I know. You really are pregnant." For those of you that have gone thru this, you know the tight bond you have with your nurse. I could hear her smile through the phone. We were both just in shock! It felt soooo good!

I couldn't believe it. Who do I call? What do I tell my co-workers?...I know they've heard me on the phone. When did this happen? Holy Moly!

I couldn't wait...I called hubby right away! He could barely believe it either. We rejoiced, cried, laughed, and thanked God.

The very next day, I had a sonogram to "date" my pregnancy. It wasn't unusual for me to go a number of months with no "monthly visit", if you know what I mean. So imagine our surprise when my fertility Dr. starts the sonogram to see how far along I am and we see a little baby moving around. I mean full fledge head, legs, feet, hands, spine, eyes, etc... an actual little baby...Holy Moly!!! We all were in awe, and immediately started crying. I've never ever felt those tears of joy in the same way again.

Our joy was shortlived. The next day my regular OB/GYN Dr. called and told us something was wrong with the baby, and to come in right away. He did a sonogram, and showed us that there was very little amniotic fluid, and that this ALMOST ALWAYS meant that something was WRONG with the baby. What?!?! This couldn't be happening! He suggested an Amnio to find out exactly what was wrong. Being my first pregnancy, I figured we should go along with that. It made sense, didn't it?! The day came for the amnio, and I was so nervous, I was sweating in places I won't mention. I told my OB/GYN that I didn't like the odds of miscarriage after amnio, and he asked me this simple question:

Dr: What will you do with the results of the Amnio?

Me: Nothing.

Dr: Nothing?

Me: Well, I most certainly wouldn't terminate this pregnancy!

Dr: Then lets just skip the amnio, and we can keep a close watch on things, by sonogram. We'd have to do that to watch the baby grow, anyway.

Me: Really? (with great relief!!!)

Dr: Yup!

Me: OK!

Dr: OK, get dressed and I'll see you in my office.

That was that!! Anytime I would hear Natalie Merchant sing "Wonder", I felt as though she were predicting the outcome or our pregnancy. Listen to the heart still fills with Joy everytime I hear it.

To make a long story short...our faith told us that God had given us this baby, and God would take care of this baby. We knew to let His will be done.

6 mos. later and a few complications along the way (bed rest, diabetes, still no improvement in fluid) our beautiful son Jack was born. He was 2 weeks early (not considered preemie) and healthy as a horse. None of the Dr.'s or specialists I saw could ever tell us why the amniotic fluid was so low. Frankly, it didn't matter! He was here, and he was in our arms safe and sound.

So here's to my first born son. All my children came to me in a special way, but I consider you our very first miracle! The one who started it all!

Dude, You the Man!

Love, Mom

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Pumpkin Head Baby Co said...

Such an awesome story & so sweet! You brought tears to my eyes! It's amazing the miracles God works when we let Him!

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