Friday, October 16, 2009

Up and coming

Well, I've been a little preoccupied lately. Mostly about Maggie. Thank you to everyone and your kind words. Off tomorrow to do funeral...ugh. It's about a 2 1/2 hr. drive...this will be one long emotional day for the whole family.
But on to brighter things...
I have a big reveal to bring you on Monday. Oh, yeah baby. It's the other thing I've been preoccupied with. Let's just say it was a huge undertaking. HUGE!!! Bigger than I realized.
Looking forward to seeing what you all think :)
Have a great weekend everyone!!

3 Shout Out:

Macey said...

Prayers are with Maggie's family...that is SO sad. : (
I can't wait to see what you've been up to! :)

~~Mel~~ said...

Thinking of you today during this very difficult time.

Brittany said...

That just breaks my heart. I'm going to go hug and kiss my little ones. I'll be praying for Maggie's family.

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