Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Cancer Sucks!

I bought it because I have known some women in my life that have had this horrible disease. All are survivors! Some had harder treatments than others...and I'm thrilled to say all are in remission. I wanted to support the cause, and needed a really cute way to keep my fingers from fusing to my coffee cup. So off I went to purchase this little beauty.

Fast forward to a year later and now my friend Jodi is having to deal with this herself. Jodi at HappyHouseQuilts was the wonderful creator of this beautiful coffee quilt. She made it to support a friend of hers who was doing a 3 day walk for breast cancer, and Jodi used the proceeds to sponsor her.

I'm pretty pissed that now, she has to fight this battle herself! No one has been as upbeat and happy as my pal Jodi. Ever since the day I met her (has it been a year already?) she's always been someone with suggestions and answers to my questions (of which I have many). Someone to call and just make me smile when I've been having a hard time. She's also known when I needed to be left alone...not always easy when you want to reach out and help someone :)

Jodi is a true friend, in every sense of the word. I've never even met her face to face, but I don't need to. We mix together, and understand each other. You know how when you meet someone, you just can tell that you're going to be really good friends. That's how it was with for us.

So cheers Jodi. I'm drinking my good strong coffee in the morning with you in mind! That is once my mind has woken up, thanks to my good strong cup of coffee! I know this sucks, and I really wish you weren't going thru it. If anyone can kick cancer in the's you (well, next to my husband...but that's another story).

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Jodi @ Happy House Quilts said...

Thanks Friend!!! YOU rock! ~Jodi

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