Thursday, June 19, 2008

Paci Update

I knew I had tempted fate, just by proclaiming our glorious success in losing the 'ol paci! What was I thinking? I've never really been one to be cocky! Never do I pat myself on the back. I mean really, parenting is just way too complicated to think you've actually done something...dare I say...right!?! Sooooo....

Kelly told me just this morning, as I was folding the laundry I had done on vacation, not to be confused with the laundry I'll still need to do when I get home, that she needed her paci. Now this was after the traumatic event of slipping up a stair as she was following me with my laundry basket.

I did of course remind her, gently, that we didn't have the paci anymore. BUT, she came back with "there's one in my room" answer. To which I wasn't sure how to respond. Was she actually thinking about a need that couldn't be contained? I quickly gave my stock answer...remember, it's in the trash...that seemed to do the trick. At least for now.

Obviously, I won't be gettin rid of my stash anytime soon.

xoxo ~L

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