Saturday, June 28, 2008

Should've named her Dori

Swimming, swimming, swimming! Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming!

The Kelster, myself, a 3yr. old new friend we made on the beach, her 5 yr. old brother, and my 5 yr. old (The Dunnster) did this for the better part of one entire morning on the beach. Now for those of you unfamiliar with "a morning on the beach", this consists of getting down onto the sand by 9:30 and not leaving until about 1:00.

I can't tell you when I've enjoyed myself more! I loved acting like a kid, and didn't mind the sand in the bottom of my suit, up my nose, in my hair, in ALL the cracks and crevices that were laying there in the surf....nooooo, I relished every minute of it! Get over all that sand. You'll get clean back at the house, I told myself! You get your kids clean of every particle, right?! The same will happen with you! So go on, next time you don't want to get all sandy...let yourself really relax, and act like a kid again, be at one with the sand!

Coming soon...a fantastic recipe for authentic NC style BBQ! I got the recipe from a great guy while we were there!

Now, come on you didn't really think I was going to show a picture of me in a bathing suit did you?!?! You are so whacky!

xoxo ~L

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