Friday, June 6, 2008

Summer Storms

Just when the family gets all psyched for summer and for school to be out...a whopper of a storm comes through, and the whole area loses power, shutting down school for a day.

Now my oldest who has been studying his butt off for final exams (OMG...he's only 11, what is the world coming too?). Now has had 2 exams put off until Monday. This means short term memory loss. Another cramming session on Sunday, which he already did on Wednesday. Now don't get me wrong here...he's super smart (if I do say so myself), but always wants to review the night before any test, much less a final cummulative test!

So, while we've all been getting restless for school to end and the fun of summer to begin, the strain of school, which should have ended today...will carry through our weekend. Luckily we have some really fun stuff that was already lined up for the whole family to do.

Namely, Parties!!! Graduation, moonbounces, cooking out, dripping ice cream cones, etc... And that's BEFORE the official summer kick off. Jealous yet?

xoxo ~L

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