Thursday, May 28, 2009

Vinyl Love

So today starts off like every other day...crazy busy!! But, I finally get a moment to sit down with my bff {the computer} and start going thru my blog reader, and first up we have Kimba from A Soft Place To Land and what giveaway is she featuring?????...My gal, Brittany from Lewa's designs who did such an amazing job on a custom order for me!!! I love her!!

I've been meaning to tell you all about this for almost a year now!! Last year for my oldests birthday, I decided to "give" him his own room. Now most 12 year old boys aren't that big into their room. But I think on the sly, Jack was pretty excited. Let's get real, he'd been sharing a room with his 2 brothers since they were born. So there I was thinking...almost a teenager...needs his own space...will start needing more sleep than the "wake up at the crack of dawn 4 year old"...definately needs his own room!

We picked out bedding. Uh. duh. Mom. Black, red and grey. Hey, he's a guy! Oh, and we're HUGE Maryland Terps fans {red and black are their colors}!! But what do you put on the walls of a tween boy's room? Luckily the answer slapped me right in the face as we were watching tv one night. Summer X-Games!! We needed the X-Games logo for his red wall. Oh, didn't I mention that? We painted {oh, and yes, he did help paint} 3 walls are a light grey and one wall is red {4 coats later}.

So, I'm off to scour Etsy {the only place I shop} to find someone to make a huge X-Games logo for me. Enter Brittany!! She was so sweet. I knew it would be a problem to make the exact logo, due to copyrights, but she worked with me until we came up with the perfect look!!

And that's it!

Isn't it cool!!

I also bought her large "dandelion blowing in the wind" to put in my renovated bathroom, but that will be in another post. This one is long enough!!

So, go check Lewa's designs out!! She Totally Rocks!!


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