Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Extreme Makover: Me edition - week 2 update

I gained 2 lbs. Alas, that is about what I expected. After reading my previous post you'll see that I usually sabotage myself after accomplishing a weight goal by eating everything in sight. But, I will not beat myself up about it. There will always be times when you just have to give in a little. Don't let yourself get too down about it. Readjust and just move forward. We all make mistakes, the challenge is to pick yourself up and go on. So that's what I'm gonna do. Next week I will be back to where I was!!

My question: How often do you weigh yourself? And when?

Me...about an hour after I work out. Although on Wednesday weigh in day it's always first thing in the morning :)

P.S. Plus, I am a little {bloated}, kwim?! So that in itself is always an issue ;)
P.P.S. Oh, how I wish this were a big April Fool's joke!

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Connie said...

We all have slip ups. I do it constantly and that is where I have to change.

That *time* of the month really messes me up because I tend to eat anything that isn't nailed down.

Have a great week!

Sugarplum Creations Blog said...

Today is a new day! Don't dwell on last week, just pick yourself up and move on. You're doing great! Have a fabulous week :)

Amber Filkins said...

Great attitude girl!! I don't want to fuel that sabotage, but I think you must be doing pretty good seeing that your bmi is only 21.2. Mine is definitely higher than that right now.

Keep it up girlie!

p.s. have i ever told you how much I love your blog background?? It's so pretty!

Xazmin said...

I'm up too! DANG! But we will do better this week!

I weigh myself EVERY MORNING! I've heard you're not supposed to, but I have a digital scale, and even those decimal point increments help keep me motivated.

If I'm up a little, I get bummed, but MORE determined to have a good eating and exercising day.

If I'm DOWN...well I don't want to mess it up, so I'm determined to be good!

I weigh the least between 10 and 11 that weird?


Tanielle said...

That is o.k.!!! Each day is new, and you'll do better for next week. I go up and down all the time! I weigh myself every other day! Then record it on Fridays.

You are still awesome!

Have a great rest of your day!


Rhonda said...

I weigh myself about 3-5 times a week! We all have slip ups! You seem to have a good attitude about it! Tomorrow is a new day. Don't let your slip up turn into 3 days or 3 weeks! We can do this!

Rhonda said...

wow! You have an awesome BMI # and have already lost 10.5 lbs!! AWESOME!

Anonymous said...

I have had to make a real effort to stop weighing myself. There were so many times in the past that my weight was exactly the same or even more but my clothes were looser. For me, I don't care what the scale says. I'll know I've reached my goal when I no longer have a "muffin top" hanging over my jeans.

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