Wednesday, April 1, 2009

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Today is a cardio day. I love cardio day! I love the sweat, the endorphins, everything!!

I literally had just started running {okay, jogging, ...okay, really fast walking where I had to swing my arms and move my legs to look like jogging} for about 3 minutes when I felt the pain of a pinch in my back. I actually yelped "ow" which is rare for me.

I admit yesterday turning my head to back the car down the driveway I could feel the stress on that muscle. I was thinking it was from sleeping funny or something. Anyway, now I've made it worse which means I can't excercise at all. No lifting weights, no floor excercises, no treadmill, no nothing. Hopefully this won't last long...I'll be getting the Bengay out shortly. Yes, it's always in my medicine cabinet. No, it is not something I have to purchase in an emergency :)

How will I lose those 2 lbs. that I gained last week? Now, I really have to watch what I put in my mouth!!

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Connie said...

I hate when that happens! Would a warm bath help that muscle heal faster?

3 Peas in a Pod said...

I love your attitude! Don't beat yourself up for being human is right.

Thanks for your comment and words of encouragement. You're so right about next week being a bigger loss. My thoughts exactly. Seems we have the same mindset on a lot of things!! I used to "reward" myself for a loss by eating everything in sight too. I used to say Wednesdays were free days and I could eat whatever I wanted without counting. I have now stopped doing that but it was a really hard habit to break.

I used to weigh myself every day but now I forget so it's every couple of days but especially on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings in anticipation for the weigh-in.

Maybe you didn't really gain anything at all this week being that you're bloated. I've had that happen. The next week it just simply goes away.

I saw your weight loss ticker at the top of your page. We have about the same amount of weight to lose. It doesn't look like a lot of weight when we're talking about you. :-) How come it feels like a lot when I think about it for myself!!! It really isn't though. It's all perspective.

Have a good week!!

Much love from NJ,

3 Peas in a Pod said...

That first comment was meant for your Makeover Me entry.

I hope your back feels better soon. I've had a bad back since I was preggo with my daughter in 2006. Just another reason for me to get serious about strength training and getting healthy.

Bengay is our friend here too. I use something called Biofreeze from my chiropractor that I cannot live without. Take a warm bath too. That will help.

Feel better soon.

Much love from NJ,

shaka said...

Well you're better then me I haven't worked out in a week, bleh!

Lynn said...

Ouch- I sympathize with you, I injured myself doing squats over the winter that has become a nagging injury. Make sure you rest and allow yourself time to heal.

Sugarplum Creations Blog said...

Oh, that is the worst! Take it easy and you'll be back at it in no time. :)


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