Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Get to know onegirliegirl

Jen at Harried Mom Of Four has tagged me with a list of 10 questions. Read her wonderful answers here. Thanks, Jen!!! I love doing these types of questions!

Here is what I have come up:

1. What is your current obsession? I have 2 right now.
Sewing and fitness.
2. Which item of clothing do you wear most often? t-shirts
3. What's for dinner? Good question!
4. What are you listening to? The birds outside my window.
5. Say something about the one who tagged you. Jen is someone I seem to easily relate to! She has 4 kids...I have four kids. She doesn't love to clean {Hey, it's stated in her profile, people}...I don't love to clean. And she has a great sense of humor!! Love ya, Jen!
6. Favorite vacation spots? We love going to the beach! The last 2 summers we were brave and drove to Corolla, N.C. So, I'll see you there Jen!
7. What am I reading right now? Thanks For The Memories. by Cecilia Ahern
8. Four words to describe myself? Friendly, Neat Freak {not that I get to live that way!!}, Slacker {yeah, you wouldn't think those 2 go together, but somehow I make it work} and Happy
9. Guilty pleasure? Anything Sweet
10. First spring thing to do?
Wear a skirt!
11. What do you look forward to? Having my retirement, College funds, and stocks make up all that we lost. Oh, that wasn't what you meant? OK...All the milestones coming up for my kids...High School. Graduations. First Days of School. First Lost Tooth {Well, for one more kid}. Learning to ride a bike. Jumping off the diving board. I love living in the moment of my children.

I'll end by saying if this is a fun Q&A for you, please fill it out and let me know. So for those of you that are following along and want to play...feel free to do so!!



2 Shout Out:

Jen said...

Thanks for playing along! and your kind words about me :) Here's to summer vacation in Corolla, August for us - so close and yet so far; although it feels like August now, no?

~~Mel~~ said...

Loved your list...kids' firsts are always so amazing, aren't they?

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