Thursday, April 2, 2009

Is it a Southern thing?

Can we discuss ta-ta's? For those of you not in the know... this is a word referring to the female bossom. After reading about ta-ta's over at my friend Ambers, I was laughing so hard I had to put the coffee down or risk a serious singeing of the nose hairs incident.
But I digress...I'm feeling left out because I have never heard or used the word ta-ta's. I'm not saying I didn't know what it meant. It just wasn't something spoken here in Maryland. Now I'm wondering if it's a southern word {only cause it sounds southern and it's a nice delicate way to say something}?

So imagine my surprise when, whilst driving home one of my boys from Lacrosse {LAX} practice I see "Save the ta-ta's" on the back of someone's car. Seriously. The timing couldn't have been more perfect. I just laughed and shook my head {luckily no coffee in hand}. So would someone let me know if this is a southern phrase? If not anyone know where it may have originated? If it is, I have a whole other idea about why I've never run across "ta-ta's" until now {that's a whole 'nother issue}.
Side note: Any breast cancer survivors find this humorous or offensive?

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Amber Filkins said...

Okay, I can tell you that it is DEFINITELY not a southern thing. I live in CAli. People here say it. Our personal word of choice is "chi-chi's". Or boobs. But for the girls, I say chi-chi's. I just personally like the word tata. So that's why I used that in THE tata post.

I think I've heard Oprah call them tata's before. I've also heard her call a vagina a "vajay-jay", hence the reference in those terms in my tata post. Our personal words in my family are "china" or "po". lol.

And yes, I have seen many a "Save the tatas" stickers. I wouldn't think it would be offensive, but then again, I've never had breast cancer, so I can't say.

But as a whole, I just find the word tatas amusing. :)

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